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The smart way to buy and save on new tech

Techscheme helps employees save up to 13% on over 5,000 tech items and appliances - and spread the cost interest-free. It's a salary sacrifice benefit which means employees exchange part of their salary for a non-cash benefit - in this case new tech. It's free for your business to join and cost-neutral to run.

Why Choose Techscheme?

57% of employees say a tech scheme is the most desirable and beneficial workplace benefit*

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Employees can shop tech in-store or online at Currys.

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Techscheme promotes smarter buying habits.

Tech salary sacrifice - a better way for your employees to get the tech they want

From smartphones to laptops, fitness trackers and freezers, technology has the power to enrich lives. It can help your employees keep connected, track their fitness or simply make day-to-day life easier. But new tech comes at a high cost.

Techscheme removes the financial obstacles associated with buying new tech and appliances. Employees can buy the products they want and need – without resorting to expensive finance options like loans or credit. No wonder 60% of employees say that having access to Techscheme makes them feel more loyal to their employer*.

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Currys - our Techscheme retail partner

'It's great to support a product that helps employees afford and choose the latest in technology. Our Currys colleagues are on hand to support Techscheme participants throughout their purchasing journey, whether that be in-store, online, over the phone or in their homes for delivery and installation.'

Glenn Sizer, Head of Prepaid & Subscription Partnerships

How our technology benefit works:

From start-ups with less than 10 employees to business with thousands, Techscheme suits organisations of any size. The only requirement? Employees must be paid via PAYE. 

Sign up your business via Blackhawk Network Extras today and roll out your new Techscheme benefit. Then, all it takes is 3 simple steps for employees to get started.


Create an account and request

Employees create their free Blackhawk Network Extras account and access Techscheme – plus any other benefits you’ve selected for your staff – via single sign-on.

Your business chooses a Techscheme limit and sets the maximum employees can spend. Employees then submit a request for the amount they would like to spend at Currys. 

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Approve and pay

Your business reviews, approves and pays for the request – and then applies the salary sacrifice. Employees will repay the cost from their salary interest-free over 12 instalments and benefit from National Insurance savings.

Techscheme is a Benefit in Kind (BIK) and can be reported via Payrolling of Taxable Benefits or a P11D after the end of the tax year.

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Once approved, employees will receive a Techscheme Redemption Code via email valued at the requested amount. This is ready to spend online, in-store or via click and collect on over 5,000 tech items and white goods at Currys.

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Ready to power up?

Sign your business up to Extras today and select Techscheme as your new employee benefit. You can also choose from a range of free-to-run schemes and build a flexible, personalised employee benefits package that supports the mental, physical and financial health of your workforce. Plus, you’ll receive bYond Card and Extras Discounts as standard.


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