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The UK’s leading Cycle to Work scheme

Employees save between 23-39% on the new bike and accessories of their choice – and spread the cost interest-free. Cyclescheme is a salary sacrifice benefit which means employees exchange part of their salary for a non-cash benefit – in this case their new bike, accessories or both. It’s free for both your business and employees to join.

Why Cyclescheme?

Cyclescheme creates more cyclists than any other Cycle to Work provider.


Any size

Any business of any size can sign up for free.


Cost positive

Employees save and your business does too.


Ultimate choice

Employees can shop at over 2,600 UK retailers.

Cycle to Work: make employees happier, healthier and more productive

What’s stopping your employees from cycling to work? Often it’s as simple as the cost of a bike, kit or cycling equipment that goes with it. Now you can empower your employees to get on their bikes and reap the health, wellbeing and financial rewards with our salary sacrifice scheme, Cyclescheme.

Employees who engage in active travel like cycling are happier, more productive in the workplace and take fewer sick days compared to their car driving colleagues. In fact, 82% of Cyclescheme participants said that they felt less stressed after cycle commuting*. Plus, employees who swap the car for cycling help to reduce congestion and emissions within your local area.

*2017 Cyclescheme survey of 1,000 participants.

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Cyclescheme retailer partners

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How Cyclescheme works:

From start-ups with less than 10 employees to businesses with thousands, Cyclescheme suits organisations of any size. The only requirement? Employees must be paid via PAYE. 

Sign up your business via BHN Extras today and roll Cyclescheme out to your staff. Then, all it takes is 4 simple steps for employees to join your new benefit.


Create an account and request

Employees create their free BHN Extras account and access Cyclescheme – plus, any other benefits you’ve selected – via single sign-on.

Your business chooses a Cyclescheme limit which is the maximum an employee can request. Employees then request the amount they would like to spend on a bike and accessories.

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Approve and pay

Your business reviews, approves and pays for the request – and applies the salary sacrifice. Employees will repay the cost of their request from their salary interest-free over 12 months and benefit from National Insurance and Income Tax savings.

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Get their cycling gear

Once approved, employees receive their Cyclescheme Certificate via email valued at the requested amount. This is ready to be redeemed at a bike shop, either in-store, online or directly with a brand at over 2,600 retailers nationwide

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Easy ownership

Cyclescheme handles the end of hire process – so you don’t have to. Once an employee has made all salary repayments, they need to choose an Ownership option. Employees can keep their cycling kit by making a small one-off payment.

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Ready to roll?

Sign your business up to Extras for free today. Alongside Cyclescheme, you’ll get bYond card and Extras Discounts as standard. Plus, you can pick from a range of leading voluntary benefits to build a flexible employee benefits package that’s personalised for your workforce.


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