Green car salary sacrifice | Green Car Benefit

An affordable green car solution

Green Car Benefit is the salary sacrifice car benefit provided by Tuskers that helps employees travel more sustainably. For a fixed monthly amount deducted before Income Tax and National Insurance, employees will make savings by choosing an ultra low emission vehicle.

Why choose Green Car Benefit?

Attract, retain and motivate employees with an affordable, fully inclusive green car package.


A total car solution

Including car, insurance, road tax, MOT, servicing, replacement tyres and more.


Cost positive

Employees make significant savings and your business can too.


Lifestyle protection

Employers are protected against redundancy, resignation, sickness and more.

Green car schemes make sustainable travel more affordable

The Green Car Benefit allows employees to engage with sustainable and low emission travel. Employees can access the next generation of green cars at an affordable monthly amount. There’s no deposit or risk of depreciation. Plus, all cars come with road tax, comprehensive car insurance, MOT, replacement tyres, and servicing included as standard. It's good for your employees, good for your business and good for the environment too.

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Green Car Choices

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How Green Car Benefit works:

Green Car Benefit is the employee car benefit for businesses with over 100 employees.
The only requirement? Employee must be paid via PAYE.

Sign your business up to Blackhawk Network Extras for free today and you could rollout your new sustainable
workplace benefit. All it take is 4 simple steps for employees to get in the drivers seat.


Create an account and request their new car

Employees create their free Blackhawk Network Extras account and access Green Car Benefit – plus any other benefits you’ve selected – via single sign-on.

Employees then request the exact make, model and specification of electric or hybrid car they want.

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Approve and pay

Your business reviews and approves the request – Tusker then provides the car and funds it on your behalf.

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Set up salary deductions

Your business applies the salary reductions - reducing an employee's gross salary by an agreed amount each month allowing them to be able to benefit from National Insurance and Income Tax savings.

Green Car Benefit is a Benefit in Kind (BIK) and can be reported via Payrolling of Taxable Benefits or a P11D after the end of the tax year.

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Power up

Employees receive their brand-new car direct to their door. As all insurance, servicing, maintenance, breakdown cover, MOT, replacement tyres and road tax costs are included – they simply need to charge up or add fuel to get on the road.

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Ready to roll?

Sign up to Blackhawk Network Extras today and you’ll get bYond Card and Extras Discounts as standard. Alongside Green Car Benefit, you can then pick from a range of leading voluntary benefits to build a flexible employee benefits package that’s personalised for your workforce.


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