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Prevent the preventable and boost your ROI by prioritising your employees’ Life Quality

The syd™ AI-powered super-app provides individuals with science-backed and personalised recommendations to improve life quality, from emotional health to financial well-being, and discover a life they love.

Why choose syd™?

By empowering their employees with syd™ – the Life Quality super-app, organisations see a 20% boost in retention, a 23% surge in productivity, and a 20-fold ROI on people strategy.


Relevant for all

A benefit your entire team can utilise, at their fingertips.



Science-backed wellbeing recommendations that meets your employees’ needs


Real time insights

Interactive HR dashboard shows you what your workforce needs.

Boost the life quality of your employees with syd™

Designed for the shared benefit of employees and HR departments, syd™ boosts productivity and performance whilst reducing absenteeism and stress. The AI-powered super-app delivers actionable, tailored advice to employees and ensures that their life quality needs - from physical health to social life – are met.

The HR dashboard generates real-time insights for your organisation and guidance for your talent strategy. The HR dashboard is available for companies of more than 50 employees using the app. Money-back guarantee.

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How syd™ works:

syd™ is the innovative employee Life Quality platform which includes the super-app and a dashboard suitable for every business size; from start-ups to large enterprises.

Sign up your business via BHN Extras today and empower your people to discover a life they love.


Create an account

Employees create their free BHN Extras account and access sydTM, plus any other benefits you have selected. Employees receive a link and a unique code via email and complete registration in the syd™ app.

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Personalised recommendations

Employees interact with the syd™ app daily to receive increasingly personalised recommendations which help increase their happiness and health. 48% of syd™ users have seen a reduction in stress, anxiety and depression. 23% report increases in energy, and a 20% enhancement in overall life quality.

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Measure impact and improve your decisions

Businesses with 50+ employees registered on the app can get access to a syd™ HR dashboard. This interactive tool provides analysed insights into your workforce, delivered with complete anonymity and encryption. Plus, receive customised recommendations to enhance performance and retention, while simultaneously reducing absenteeism and burnout.

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Ready to roll?

Sign your business up to Extras today and simply select syd™ as your new employee benefit. You can also choose from a range of free-to-run schemes to build a flexible, personalised employee benefits package that supports the mental, physical and financial health of your workforce. Plus, you’ll receive bYond Card and Extras Discounts as standard.

Please note - to add syd™ as your new workplace benefit, you will need to submit the pre-populated form in Extras. A member of the syd™ team, will then be in touch with more information and a quote. Any fees due will be paid to syd™ directly.


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