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Cycle to Work Day 2024 | Thursday 1st August 2024

Get ready to join the UK's biggest cycling commuting event - Cycle to Work Day 2024!

Taking place on Thursday 1st August, Cycle to Work Day encourages employees across the country to swap their cars for bicycles and enjoy a healthier, more sustainable way to commute.

By participating, businesses like yours can support their employees’ physical and mental wellbeing whilst contributing to environmental sustainability. Whether your employees are seasoned cyclists or haven't ridden a bike in years, Cycle to Work Day offers an inclusive opportunity to experience the brilliant benefits of cycling.

Want to get your company involved and support your employee’s physical, mental, and financial wellbeing? Contact us today!

If you’re looking for our top tips on how to involve your workforce in Cycle to Work Day 2024 this August, keep on reading!

Cycle to Work Day 2024 Cyclescheme Strava

What is Cycle to Work Day?

Cycle to Work Day is the UK's biggest cycle commuting event. 

We launched Cycle to Work Day in 2013, as part of our hugely popular Cyclescheme employee salary sacrifice benefit. Since then, we’ve helped millions of people get on their bike and enjoy the freedom of riding.

Open to everyone, whether they've never cycled before or saddle up every day, Cycle to Work Day is the perfect opportunity to experience first-hand the amazing health, mental wellbeing, and financial benefits of cycling.

It's all about encouraging a workplace culture of active travel - to grab a helmet, put on cycling shoes, and, as Freddie Mercury famously sang, 'Get on your bikes and ride!'

Of course, in an age of remote and hybrid working, the workplace may also be your home. That's why Cycle to Work Day isn't just about commuting, but encouraging all types of rides, whether it's dropping the kids at school, cycling round the park at lunchtime, picking up some extra milk from the shops, or heading out for a family cycle ride.

Since our first Cycle to Work Day in 2013, the enthusiastic community of cycling commuters has clocked up some impressive stats:

  • - 200,000+ riders
  • - 6m+ miles ridden
  • - 21B+ lb CO2 saved

Ready to get involved with this year’s Cycle to Work Day? Contact us today and get your workforce ready for the biggest cycling commute event of the year. 


When is Cycle to Work Day? 

This year's cycling celebration is on Thursday 1st August 2024. Save the date and start getting your cycling gear ready!



Reasons why you should get involved with Cycle to Work Day 2024

How do your employees get to work? If they drive, they're like 68% of the employees we spoke to about their commuting habits.

They might also be among the 32% who are worried about the amount they spend on travel each year, as fuel prices and the cost-of-living continue to remain high.

With 47% of employees considering changing their daily commute, Cycle to Work Day offers a chance to try out a cheaper, healthier, and greener alternative.

In fact, almost half of workers have already taken up cycling or are considering it to decrease travel costs. And this year's annual celebration of cycle commuting could help nudge more employees to take to the saddle.

To help your business embrace national Cycle to Work Day, we've pulled together some of the most effective strategies and initiatives to encourage your workforce to switch to a healthier, more active commute for theday and beyond.

As you'll see, it doesn't matter how far or fast people cycle or if they've not cycled since childhood - cycling to work will unlock mental health, physical fitness, and financial benefits. What's more, Cycle to Work Day 2024 could give them the encouragement they need to make it a regular way to commute.

Ready to join in the fun? Contact us to see how we can support you and your employees this Cycle to Work Day. 



How to support your employees with Cycle to Work Day 2024

Now you’ve joined the Cycle to Work Day community, it’s time to get your employees excited. For some employees, changing their travel routine might take some persuading.

To help foster a cycling community in your workplace, here are some simple and easy-to-implement ways of encouraging employees to make the switch to commuting by bike.

Plus, you can spread the word about Cycle to Work Day with our free 'Save the Date' promotional materials, which you can download here.

Host a bike breakfast

Cycling is a great way to work up an appetite. So, reward your cycling colleagues with a bike breakfast.

Free tea, coffee, fruit, yoghurt, or fresh pastries will keep the rider's high going, promote a culture of cycling, and encourage a healthy habit of everyday cycling.

Reinforce that it's the greener choice

A company's green credentials are a key factor in retaining (and attracting) top talent. Commuting to work accounts for about a quarter of the UK's greenhouse gas emissions from transport.

So be sure to highlight how swapping the car for cycling can support your business's green and corporate social responsibility goals by reducing congestion and environmental pollution.

Plus, you can ensure cycling continues to remain a popular option beyond Cycle to Work Day, by providing your workforce with regular insights on how their active travel commutes have helped to reduce your carbon footprint.

Offer flexible start and end times

To help employees avoid peak air pollution during rush hour, you could offer flexible working patterns so your workforce can travel to and from work during off-peak hours.

Plus, to give them peace of mind that their two-wheeled transport will be safe during the working day, offer secure, covered bike storage solutions such as bike racks.

Pair up bike buddies

It's only natural that employees who haven't cycled for years - or ever - might be nervous about taking to the saddle.

To help alleviate this fear, you could introduce a bike buddy system, where experienced cyclists are paired up with those new to or unsure about cycling.

This mentorship-type cycle scheme encourages colleagues to share advice about cycling and a sense of camaraderie.

Introduce a relaxed dress code

Make it easier for employees to dress for Cycle to Work Day with a bike-themed dress code.

This is where you encourage staff to ditch their usual work clothes in favour of clothing suitable for an active commute. They might prefer to remove their cycle helmets at their desks though!

Provide shower facilities

One of the workplace challenges of commuting by bike is turning up for work hot and sweaty.

To overcome this, consider introducing shower facility access so your cyclists have somewhere to wash and change before starting their working day. If you don't have onsite showers, consider joining forces with a neighbouring business or local gym so their facilities are available to your team.

Offer free bike checks

To help employees maintain their bicycles and ensure a safer commute, you could host an onsite bike maintenance workshop led by experts from local bike shops.

As well as offering staff a free bike service, these sessions could include advice on common cycling issues, such as how to replace tyres and effective chain maintenance.

Promote the wellbeing benefits

Remind your employees before Cycle to Work Day that riding a bike to work brings a huge range of employee benefits, including:

Make it fun, inclusive, and social

In the run-up to Cycle to Work Day, encourage employees to share cycling tips, stories, and their favourite cycle routes on your company intranet, chat software, or in team meetings.

Also, be aware that your workforce will include varying degrees of cycling experience and confidence. So, make it easier for everyone to take part by arranging short lunchtime rides around the local park as an option for employees.

Group rides provide safety in numbers for those new to cycling and provide a fun and social aspect for both seasoned and beginner cyclists.


Add a competitive element

Adding some light-hearted and friendly competition is a great way to encourage more employees to take part in Cycle to Work Day.

For example:

  • You could create a leader board where teams compete against each other to see who can log the most miles cycled. Points earned could then be redeemed for cycling-related prizes such as water bottles and bike locks, or incentives including gift cards and team outings.
  • Or how about giving away an additional days' annual leave? Enter the people who cycle their commute on Cycle to Work Day into a raffle with the lucky winner receiving an extra day off as a thank you for supporting your local environment by cycling.


Provide financial support for longer term cycling commitment 

Our research found that travel costs are one of the biggest concerns for employees right now. Yet, with high cost-of-living, some employees may struggle to afford a bike.

Introducing a salary sacrifice scheme employee benefit, such as Cyclescheme, solves this conundrum by providing employees with a way of getting a new bike and a range of cycling equipment at a reduced cost.

Cyclescheme saves employees up to 42% on a new bike and/or cycling gear, and as they spread the cost via monthly salary reductions before tax, which means they pay less Income Tax and National Insurance. Plus, they can spread the cost interest-free over a 12-month period of time and get 14 days cycling insurance at no additional cost.

Getting an affordable bike in time for Cycle to Work Day couldn't be easier as Cyclescheme gives employees access to over 2,600 retailers in-store and online.

As well as finding the perfect bike (including electric bikes), they can use the scheme for accessories such as cycle clips, cycle tools, bike lube, and cycle safety accessories.

With no administration costs, Cyclescheme is free to offer employees, plus your business can save up to 13.8% in Employer National Insurance per request.

The best bit? It’s really easy and totally free for businesses to join Cyclescheme. To get your business setup with Cyclescheme ready for the big Cycle to Work Day taking place in August, click the button below.

How to get your workforce involved in Cycle to Work Day

It’s really easy to get your workforce involved in Cycle to Work Day 2024.

Your employees can get inspired, log their rides and connect with our cycle commuters across the UK with the free Cyclescheme Strava Club. Setting up a free account and becoming a Club member is as easy as riding a bike!

Step One: Join the Cyclescheme Strava Club (and Strava) for free. 

Step Two: Opt in to the Cycle to Work Day Strava Challenge.

Step Three: Log a ride to or from work between 26th July – 2nd August.

Anyone who records a cycle commute within the Cycle to Work Day Strava Challenge between 26th July - 2nd August will have the chance to enter our prize draw to be in with a chance of winning some great prizes, including a £1,000 getaway with, one of 2 Raleigh Motus e-bikes, big-name gift cards and more!

Click here to join Love to Ride or Contact Us to discuss Cyclescheme and how we can help you and your employees make the most of the day. 

Ready to help your employees take to the saddle for Cycle to Work Day?

Adding Cyclescheme to your existing salary sacrifice schemes will help support your employees' physical, mental, and financial wellbeing and could get them on two wheels in time for Cycle to Work Day 2024.

To date, we've helped over one million employees cycle commute with Cyclescheme. We'd love to add your employees to our cycling community.

To find out more about Cyclescheme and our other easy-to-implement and cost-effective salary sacrifice schemes available with BHN Extras, the only FREE employee benefits platform, then get in touch today on 0208 159 9430, via our contact page, or by emailing