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Cycle to Work scheme calculator: How much can your employees save on a new bike?

Would you like to take your employee benefits up a gear and help your employees financially during these tough times? Employees who cycle to work with a salary sacrifice scheme such as Cyclescheme

And it’s not just an employee benefit; employers also save on National Insurance Contributions (NICs) for every employee that signs up to your scheme.


Discover the savings with our Cycle to Work scheme calculator

Cyclescheme, the UK's leading Cycle to Work provider, lets employees exchange part of their salary for savings on a new bike or cycling equipment such as bike locks, cycle helmets, bulb horns, bike lube, cycle clips, cycle clothing, puncture repair kits, water bottles, cycle safety accessories, and more.

Click on our easy-to-use cycle to work scheme calculator below to see the incredible savings both employees and employers can enjoy by signing up.

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   Are you an employer?

> View the calculator

> View the calculator

  • Employees can save between 25% and 39% on a huge range of bikes, electric bikes, and accessories from over 2,000 bike shops and retailers across the UK.
  • As well as not paying income tax or National Insurance on the total cost cost, you can also spread the remaining cost interest-free from your salary.
  • Employers save up to 13.8% in National Insurance Contributions for every employee that goes through the scheme. On average, this equates to a saving of £138 for every £1,000 processed.
  • Plus, cycling commuters take fewer sick days, which save businesses £83 million each year.




The benefits of cycling to work

Over two-thirds of workers in the UK have started or are considering cycling to work to navigate the cost-of-living crisis. Introducing a cycle to work salary sacrifice scheme could make it financially easier for all of your employees to take to the saddle.


Fuel and travel cost savings

Cycling to work combats rising fuel prices and commuting costs. Our research found that those who cycle to work save almost £750 each year. This figure rises to £1,400 for workers in Greater London.   

Healthier workforce

Cycling is a great way for employees to boost their physical and mental wellbeing. Just 60 minutes of cycling a week halves the risk of heart disease. What’s more, fewer sick days are taken by employees that cycle to work, saving businesses money.

Environmentally friendly

Employees who cycle as their daily commute, instead of driving or using public transport, typically have a reduced carbon footprint. That's because the emission from a car is 13 times more than a bike's.


Ready to set the wheels in motion?

Our research found that 54% of price conscious employees are considering changing their mode of transport to work.

With that in mind, offering Cyclescheme as part of your employee benefits package is a great way to provide access to bikes at a reduced cost and help support your employees financially as the cost-of-living rises,

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