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Road Safety Week: How to Engage Your Employees


According to the latest British road crash data from GOV.UK (published in September 2023) there were:

  • 135,480 reported road casualties of all severities in 2022
  • 1,711 fatalities, which equates to 5 road deaths per billion vehicle miles travelled

Boosting your employees' awareness of road safety will hopefully go some way towards reducing these worrying statistics.

With the biggest road safety event, Road Safety Week, on the horizon, this blog explores how the positive reinforcement of road risk management to employees will promote a road safety culture. Plus, investing in their wellbeing with our suggested road safety initiatives will help boost staff morale.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at some of the ways in which you can encourage safer commutes and safer roads.

When is Road Safety Week 2023?

Road Safety Week is the biggest road safety campaign in the UK. Run by Brake, the road safety charity, it raises awareness that speed matters: Five people die on UK roads every day. 

Each year, thousands of schools, organisations, and communities get involved to share vital road safety messages, to remember people affected by road death and injury, and raise money to help Brake care for road victims and campaign for safer roads.

In 2023, the national campaign runs from 19-25 November. It's the ideal time to host work-related road safety initiatives, so here are some ways in which to keep your employees engaged.

Schedule road safety sessions

No matter how your employees come to work, you can run company-wide training geared towards their chosen mode of transport. 

To promote a safe driving culture, remind the car community of the key road safety messages and safe driving policies, such as safe vehicle speed limits. For those who prefer two wheels, highlight road safety awareness tips, such as cycling advice for travelling in all road conditions. 

And let's not forget the people on foot. Road Safety Week is a great time to remind walkers and runners of the potential dangers of crossing the road whilst using mobile phones and other distractions. 

Host vehicle health checks

Another way to encourage safe roads is to offer your employees free vehicle health checks.

Arrange for mechanics and specialists from local garages and cycling shops to visit your office to give privately-owned vehicles and bikes the once over and offer advice on brake care, bad weather tips, tyre tread depth, and more.

To ensure your staff make the most of this safety initiative, promote the vehicle health checks in your internal communications and company newsletter and use the official campaign hashtag #RoadSafetyWeek.

To spread the benefits of your road safety programme to the wider community, you could also invite business contacts and business partners to drop in for these sessions.

Run fundraising activities

Not only are the following awareness-raising activities fun, but they can also raise valuable funds to support Brake's commitment to road safety:

  • Car wash fundraiser: Employees can get their cars cleaned at work in exchange for a donation 
  • Driver safety quiz night: Let teams go head-to-head to test their knowledge of road safety
  • Bake sale: Everyone loves cake! For added fun, give them a commuting theme e.g. car-shaped cookies.

Support staff with commuting costs

With the cost-of-living on the rise, employees may struggle to afford new cars with the latest safety features or the clothing and equipment for a safer bike or motor bike commute. Luckily, the following company benefits are here to help: 

  • Cyclescheme gives employees up to 39% off the cost of a bike and accessories at 2,000+ retailers in the UK   
  • Green Car Benefit gives staff access to the next generation of green cars at an affordable monthly cost.

To find out how we can help you set up these remarkably rewarding employee benefits, get in touch on 0208 159 9430, via our contact page, or by emailing