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Easy to implement Wellbeing Wednesday ideas for employees


In an age where 76% of employees are experiencing moderate to high levels of stress, it has never been more important to create a positive and supportive company culture. Particularly as companies that prioritise employee wellness and employee engagement outperform competitors by 10%.

In this short guide, we've rounded up some effective and easy-to-implement employee wellbeing activities and ideas that are perfect for Wellbeing Wednesday or any workday.

What is Wellbeing Wednesday?

Also known as Wellness Wednesday, Wellbeing Wednesday is a weekly trend or event that focuses on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Within the workplace, it's used to promote mindfulness and mental health activities, practices, and habits that contribute towards physical and mental wellness for employees.

5 easy to implement Wellbeing Wednesday ideas for your staff

To help ensure your Wednesdays (and all workdays) are focused on employee wellbeing, here are some healthy habits and wellbeing initiatives that are quick and easy to introduce.  

 1. Offer flexible working hours

One of the easiest ways to promote employee wellbeing is to offer flexible schedules. For example, employees could come in a few hours later, leave earlier than usual, or work from home. Consideration for employees’ needs can make all the difference, whether they need time off for a child’s play, an important family event or to celebrate their own birthday.

Research has shown that helping to create a better work-life balance with initiatives such as flexible working, leads to greater job satisfaction, which can boost employee morale and reduce employee turnover.

It could be as simple as encouraging your entire team to take breaks throughout the day. With 73% of UK office workers never taking a full one-hour lunch break, scheduling time away from the desk can help to increase energy levels and reduce or prevent workplace stress

2. Provide healthy snacks

Let's face it, who doesn't love a mid-morning (or mid-afternoon) snack? In fact, free food in the office has been shown to improve productivity and increase employee happiness.

However, what we put into our bodies can directly affect the output. Snacks that are high in fat and sugar can negatively impact motivation and fatigue. On the flip side, encouraging healthy eating habits with nutritious snacks such as fruit, vegetable sticks, and unsalted nuts can reduce stress levels and improve mood, so stock the staff canteen or fridge with snacks that will do just that.

3. Introduce mindfulness activities

Creating things has been proven to help reduce anxiety, depression, and pain. That's why there's been a huge rise in crafting as a wellness activity.

Giving your employees the opportunity to swap their to-do list for mindful colouring, for example, where the sole focus is on the process of colouring and creating has been shown to also improve focus, vision, and motor skills. Other mindfulness activities to encourage your staff to have a go at during their down time could include knitting, crocheting, jigsaws, stretching, meditation music, or tending the office plants.

4. Encourage physical activity

Exercise is a great way to boost physical health and mental wellbeing. Whether it's office-based Zumba classes or online yoga sessions for remote employees, giving your people opportunities to focus on their fitness levels and physical wellbeing can lead to happier moods, better sleep, and a reduced risk of depression.

As a lack of disposable income can be a barrier to fitness for some, you could also consider introducing salary sacrifice schemes that give employees access to healthy activities at a reduced rate.

MyGymDiscounts, for example, helps employees save up to 25% off gym memberships at gyms at over 3,000 locations across the UK, and Cyclescheme offers savings of up to 39% off a new bike and accessories. 

5. Get personal

One of the key trends identified in the list of the UK’s Top Employers 2023 was offering a 'super-personalised' experience.

So, here are some ways you can add a personal touch to Wellness Wednesday:

Ready to focus on your employees' wellbeing?

Two colleagues having a coffee

One of the most neglected areas of an organisation's health and wellbeing activity is 'financial wellbeing', according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development's Health and Wellbeing at Work Survey 2022.

As well as implementing Wellness Wednesday ideas, why not help reduce the financial burden on your staff with salary sacrifice schemes that will help them save money and lead healthier lifestyles.  With over 30 years’ experience in benefits, rewards, and employee engagement, we can help with whatever you need to encourage employee wellness. 

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