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The Cost of Commuting: 10 Reasons to Get Cycling with Blackhawk Network Extras

There’s no better time for employers to offer Cyclescheme. With costs-of-living a major issue in the UK, research by Blackhawk Network into commuting costs shows that cycling to work helps employees save on average almost £750 a year – rising to £1,400 for those in Greater London.  

Curbing the cost of commuting  

Cycling to work could save commuters hundreds of pounds each per year, helping households manage expenditure as they navigate the cost-of-living crisis. The cost of travelling to work, including fuel prices, is cited as a top concern for almost two-thirds of employees, second only to utility bills. But despite these worries, almost a quarter of commuters are not fully aware of the annual savings they could make through the simple transition to cycling.  

Here are ten reasons why businesses should sign up for Blackhawk Network Extras Cyclescheme.   

  1. To support your staff through the cost-of-living crisis. 
  2. Cycling is great form of exercise to keep employees fit and healthy. 
  3. Struggling to get employees into the office? Incentivise them with the cost savings of commuting by bike.  
  4. To reduce exposure to germs and infections by avoiding crowed trains and buses.  
  5. Save between 26-40% on the price of a new bike and accessories. 
  6. Increased usage of the salary sacrifice options you offer. 
  7. Over two-thirds of Brits have started or are considering cycling to work– why not join them?  
  8. The opportunity to get out in the fresh air for physical and mental wellbeing. 
  9. You can be up and running with Cyclescheme within five minutes of registering. 
  10. Make use of Cyclescheme’s cycle industry partners to access discounted bike insurance and cycling community advice.  

People want to get on their bikes  

Cycling is gradually becoming the transport method of choice for people up and down the country. And as the average commute is just five miles or less, getting in the saddle is more achievable than many might think. In the last year alone, over one in ten commuters began cycling to work, and a further 36% are actively considering it.   

Employers must get the wheels in motion  

With over half of employees considering changing their mode of transport, employers need to take note and make it easier for staff to access cycling equipment. Especially given that, as we found earlier this year, 85% of employers agree that they have a duty to support their employees as the cost-of-living rises. This is where offering the salary sacrifice benefit Cyclescheme – part of the Blackhawk Network Extras employee benefits platform, can help by saving staff 26-40% on a bike and accessories.  

Find out more about Blackhawk Network Extras Cyclescheme or sign up here.